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Projects to Consider

  • Increasing the usage of guidelines and order sets (Dr.Black)
  • Translation of the newborn pamphlet into Spanish (Dr. Kelly)
  • Well-child check and Fitness Clinics:  screening, feeding, obesity (Dr. Dumont-Driscoll)
  • Automatically faxed discharge summaries from wards to PCP (Dr. Lossius)
  • Communication and understanding all the members of the medical team on the inpatient unit (Dr. Lawrence)
  • Patient and family stress related to hospitalization (Dr. Lawrence with child life)
  • Pain management for routine hospital procedures (Dr. Lawrence)
  • Create informational website for Gen Peds and clinics (Dr. Kelly)
  • 30mo WCC form (Dr. Kelly)
  • Improved use of Asthma Action plan for inpatient hospitalized asthma exacerbation (Dr. Black or pulmonary faculty)
  • Contact precaution order and use, with appropriate step for patients admitted and treated with presumed MRSA infection and use of droplet precautions for pt with Bronchiolitis-awareness of the sensitivity of the RSV and flu rapid test
  • Anti-microbial sheet formulation and use, to limit the overuse of antibiotic and contributing to rise of resistant strains
  • Education and Cost effects of ordering labs/studies not urgently required- ie inpatient vs outpatient workup.
  • Utilizing the appropriate procedure for removing ”mislabeled drug allergies”
  • Pain-free or less pain in primary care (Dr. Thompson)