Henry A. Kokomoor Award

This award was established by the family and friends of Henry A. Kokomoor to honor his memory. It is given to an individual who epitomizes the qualities and aspirations of Henry Kokomoor, the late son of Dr. Marvin Kokomoor. Henry was tragically killed in a motor vehicle accident at the height of his career.  He was a brilliant scholar with an impeccable set of ethics and morals. He had tremendous sensitivity and was endowed with tremendous innovativeness and great vision.

Each year, this award is given to an individual who is committed to scientific discovery that will aid us in our overall efforts to improve child health within this nation. An emphasis is placed on creativity, diligence of effort and dedication.

Award Recipients

Year Recipient
2019 Brian Stover, MD
2018 Diana Montoya-Williams, MD
2017 Laura Jacobson, M.D.
2016 Moanaro Biswas, Ph.D.
2015 Gabriel M. Cara Fuentes, M.D.
2014 Atul Poudel, M.D.
2013 David M. Markusic, Ph.D.
2012 Mai K. ElMallah, M.D.
2011 Rachel E. Garner, M.D., Ashley T. Martino, Ph.D.
2010 Lisa M. Gallo (Knight), M.D., Brad E. Hoffman, Ph.D.
2009 Martha V. Douglas-Escobar, M.D.
2008 James L. Wynn, M.D.
2007 Nathan M. Jesse, M.D., Carlos E. Araya, M.D.
2006 Michael S. Stalvey, M.D., Ricardo A. Caicedo, M.D.
2005 Michael J. Haller, M.D.
2004 Jennifer L. Miller, M.D., Matthew A. Saxonhouse, M.D.
2003 Alba E. Morales, M.D.
2002 Carolyn T. Spencer, M.D.
2001 Isabel Virella-Lowell, M.D.
2000 Martha C. Sola-Visner, M.D.
1999 Lindo Terry Spencer, M.D.
1998 Kevin J. Sullivan M.D., Dean Theophilopoulos, M.D.
1997 Darlene Calhoun, D.O., Jane Wing-Sang Fang, M.D.
1996 Mary Pat Francisco, M.D.
1995 Kishor Avasarala, M.D.
1994 Daniel L. Sandler, M.D., Regino P. Gonzalez-Peralta, M.D.
1993 Susan F. Massengill, M.D.
1992 Deogracias R. Pena, M.D.
1991 Terry O. Harville, M.D.
1990 John R. Edwards, M.D., Eric S. Sandler, M.D.
1989 Gerard Holmes, M.D.
1988 Gary A. Visner, D.O.
1987 Desmond A. Schatz, M.D.
1986 John W. Sleasman, M.D.
1985 Mary Virginia Wagner, M.D.
1984 Ronald J. Kanter, M.D., Derrel W. Clarke, M.D.
1983 Hanes M. Swingle, M.D., William E. Winter, M.D
1982 John K. Orak, M.D., Ernest A. Kiel, M.D.
1981 Becky Williams Rogers, M.D
1980 Peter D. Reuman, M.D.
1979 William B. Blanchard, M.D
1978 Michelle M. Cloutier, M.D.