Residency Projects from Graduates

Daphna Barbeau, MD

Participating in a project with Martha Douglas-Escobar, MD that collects cord blood of healthy neonates in addition to cord blood of infants thought to have hypoxic ischemic encephalopathy so to investigate the amount of certain biomarkers in the blood as a means of quantifying the extent of ischemic injury.

Diana Montoya-Williams, MD

Awarded a 2013 CATCH grant for studying of cocooning in high school. Project mentor is Vini Vijayan, MD. The “Seventh Period: Cocooning in High School” program aims to assess the Tdap vaccination status of a pregnant teenager and household contacts, provide intensive education regarding symptoms of pertussis as well as vaccination against pertussis, link the teenager and family to community resources for immunization delivery, and develop a toolkit for continual evaluation and assessment of immunization delivery. The overall project goal is to increase rates of Tdap vaccination resulting in better health outcomes for vulnerable populations as a whole.

Onyeka Osakwe, MD

In the past presented two posters at the 2011 Pediatric Academic Societies Conference, “Longitudinal Trends in the Management of Staphyloccus Aureus Infections by Pediatric Hospitalists” and “Comparison of MRSA Colonization among Children in University Day Care Facilities”. Current research project is a national survey partially funded by the NIH aimed at determining the knowledge, attitude, and practice of pediatric sub-specialists in the US on the application standardized instruments for measuring Patient-reported outcomes in routine clinical practices and barriers to implementation.

Olivia Potter, DO

Awarded a 2013 CATCH grant to develop, organize, and create LGBTQ Youth Groups and a preliminary youth leadership council for Gainesville, Florida. Project mentor is Stephanie Ryan, MD.

Michelle Spencer, MD

Awarded a 2014 CATCH grant for project entitled “Operation Superbugs! Combating Antibiotic Resistance.” Project mentor is Dr. Vini Vijayan, MD. Antibiotic resistant bacteria or “superbugs” have been recognized by the CDC as a major public health threat. Children have the highest rates of antibiotic use. This project focuses on bringing the medical and general community (churches, shelters, daycares and schools) together to implement educational programs for parents of young children about appropriate antibiotic use thereby reducing misuse and antibiotic resistance in Alachua County.

Isa Ashoor

Presented a poster with Donald Novak at the 2010 Pediatric Science Days and the AAP 2009 National Conference and Exhibition on infantile scurvy. He also published a case report on the same topic: Adewumi AO, Ashoor IF, Soares FM, Guelmann M, Novak DA. Eruption hematoma as a possible oral sign of infantile scurvy. Pediatr Dent. 2010 Mar-Apr;32(2):151-5.

Shawn Batlivala

One of the finalists for the AAP Resident Clinical Case Program for his case entitled, “An Interesting Case of Neonatal Electrolyte Imbalances.” Shawn also submitted an article for the “Focus on Diagnosis” in Pediatrics in Review on ESR and CRP.

Karen Bodnar, Meredith Mowitz and Liz Davis

Focused their research on breastfeeding and education. They presented a poster with Sandra Sullivan at the 2010 Pediatric Science Days on a breastfeeding curriculum for pediatric residents. The poster has also been accepted at the AAP 2010 National Conference and Exhibition.

Jessica Brown

Dr. Michael Haller, Dr. Jessica Brown, Dr. Douglas Burton, Dr. Leonard Deftos, Dr. Amy Smith, Dr. David Pincus. Congenital Craniopharyngioma and Parathyroid Hormone – Related Protein (PTHrP) Induced Hypercalcemia. Endocrine Practice. Accepted for publication 1/07. This unique case is the first report of a PTHrP producing craniopharyngioma and provides a review of neonatal hypercalcemia management.

Kristina Carswell, MD

Published in Journal of Clinical Chemistry a case report titled, “A Four Year old Female with Gastroenteritis, Anemia, Thrombocytopenia and Hematuria” in conjunction with Michele Lossius, MD of the Division of Pediatric Hospital Medicine.

Lilly Lan Chang, MD, MS

Senior project studied the utilization of Standard Clinical Observation (SCO) and Multi-Source Feedback (MSF) tools in providing first year residents and fourth medical students with in-depth feedback. The aggregate of these assessments are de-identified and provided to one attending who uses the information to provide summative feedback in detailed form. Project mentor is Nicole Paradise Black, MD.

Alex Flores

Published a case report on spinal muscular atrophy: Lossius MN, Kenisburg L, Holloway A, Flores A. “Floppy Baby: What’s your Diagnosis?” AAP Young Physician’s Newsletter; (Winter 2009).

Greg Forlenza

Published a case report on ankyloglossia and failure to thrive: Forlenza, G.P., Paradise Black, N.M., McNamara, E.G., Sullivan, S.E. Ankyloglossia, Exclusive Breastfeeding, and Failure to Thrive. Pediatrics. 2010 Jun;125(6):e1500-4. Epub 2010 May 24.

Risha Gatlin

Paradise Black, NM, Gatlin, R, Emerick, R. Urinary Tract Obstruction. Pediatrics in Review Index of Suspicion. Accepted for publication in 2/07.

Stephanie Harrell

Along with Drs. Maria Kelly, Nicole Paradise Black and Lindsay Thompson, Dr. Harrell is investigating breastfeeding education among residency programs in the state of Florida and its affect on breastfeeding rates.

Robert Hoki

Published a case report with Maria Kelly: Kelly MN, Hoki R, “Failure to void in a female neonate”. Index of Suspicion- Neoreviews. 12/2007.

Genie Kahn

Wrote a manuscript with Shamaila Waseem in press with Neurogastroenterology and Motility Journal on the spectrum of gastroparesis in children.

Christian Kegg, DO

Awarded a 2012 CATCH grant to study peer-to-peer breastfeeding support groups in the Gainesville area.

Bahareh Keith

Presented a poster with Nicole Black at the 2010 Pediatric Science Days on neonatal interlabial masses. She also published a case report on the same topic: Keith, B.E., Paradise Black, N.M., Islam, S. Two cases of a neonatal interlabial mass presenting within 30hours of each other: coincidence or underdiagnosed and underreported finding? Clinical Pediatrics. 2010;49: 506-508

Teri Lynch

Presented a poster with Maria Kelly and Maureen Novak at the University of Florida Department of Pediatrics’ 50th Anniversary Celebration and Scientific Program, the 2009 Pediatric Academic Societies annual meeting, and the 2009 APPD/COMSEP combined national meetings on medical student tobacco education and documentation practices.

Nasim Moshtagh, MD

Awarded a 2013 CATCH grant to study techniques for reducing asthma attacks and chronic symptoms. Project mentor is Bahareh Keith, DO.

Kendall Riley, MD

Published case report titled, “Noisy Breathing and Cutaneous Hemangioma: An Intriguing Correlation” in Consultant for Pediatricians with co-authors, Noelle Williams, MD, Rodrigo Silva, MD, and Shelley Collins, MD.

Sara Slovin

Presented a poster with Maria Kelly and Lindsay Thompson at the 2009 Pediatric Academic Societies annual meeting on the effect of a resident-led newborn education workshop on improving parental knowledge and comfort level in providing newborn care.

Karla Torres, MD

Published a case report titled, “Chalazion” with General Pediatrics faculty members, Sanjeev Tuli, MD, Donald Fillipps, MD, and Sonal S. Tuli, MD of the Opthamology Department. Published in the 2013 August/September edition of CONSULTANT.

Anna Tsikouris, MD

Senior resident project purpose was to assess the needs of asthma patients cared for at the UF Health Pediatric Pulmonary clinic with regards to asthma education and compliance so to provide the best method of education possible for the patient/family learning style.

Christopher Young

Sanjeev Y Tuli, MD, Lindsay A Thompson, MD, MS, Kathleen A Ryan, MD, Ganga L Srinivas, MD, Donald J Fillips, MD and Christopher M Young, MD. The Effect of Advanced Access Scheduling in a Pediatric Resident Continuity Clinic on Patient Care, Practice Efficiency and Patient and Resident Satisfaction. Submitted for publication and to PAS annual meeting 5/07.