Resident Research

Tavenner Dibert, MD

Working on research project with Ryan Boggs (cardiology fellow): evaluating effective imaging techniques to detect pulmonary emboli in pediatric patients with Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome who have undergone a Fontan Procedure. Also working with Frank Han, another cardiology fellow, on a QI project researching effective ways of teaching residents about evaluating chest pain and syncope in the pediatric patient.  Finally, Tavenner is involved in a case report  discussing a patient with Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome and atypical pulmonary venous drainage. This patient was presented at the UF Science Day Poster Presentations.

Molly McGetrick, MD

Mentor: Jennifer Munoz-Pareja


  • Use of the Cornell Assessment of Pediatric Delirium for Rapid Identification of Delirium in the Pediatric Intensive care unit
    The purpose of this project is to improve the identification of ICU delirium in the pediatric population, a common yet under-recognized problem. We are using the Cornell Assessment of Pediatric Delirium (CAPD) to identify presence of delirium and are measuring associations between medications (benzodiazepines, opiates), illness severity and caregiver presence. 
  • “Assessing nursing and healthcare provider comfort and knowledge of caring for the pediatric patient with delirium in the critical care setting.” This survey based study assessed resident and nursing knowledge of risk factors of delirium, management strategies and comfort with making the diagnosis of delirium. This revealed that there was a large knowledge gap to be addressed. Results were presented at the “American Academy of Pediatrics New Frontier’s in Pediatrics Conference – Section on critical care medicine” in 2017