Resident Research

Evelyn Obregon, Elyse Chaviano, and Maddie Schneck with Dr. Lindsay Thompson are working on a project for uninsured immigrant children called “Barriers for Hispanics Uninsured Children”. Their research is looking to identify barriers to insurance enrollment with the ultimate goal of increasing insurance coverage of these patients. Evelyn received a CATCH grant through the AAP for her work on this project.

John Tadros has been working on several research projects with the Congenital Heart Center and Dr. Gupta. The first project was “Family Functioning in Pediatric Heart Transplantation” which he presented at the AAP National Convention in 2019 and was awarded the Young Investigator Award. He also has been working on a study titled “Post-operative vasoactive inotrope scores in pediatric heart transplantation”. His work for this project was presented at the International Transplant Science Meeting and Florida ACC Annual Meeting in 2019.  In addition, his work with “C-reactive protein and its correlation with coronary artery vasculopathy” was presented at the American Transplant Congress this year. He is also funded by the AAP Resident Research grant to assess parental decision making in the pediatric cardiac ICU. He has been first author on several abstracts and journal articles pertaining to these studies during his time at UF as well as continuing his previous works in cardiogenomics.

Asad Bashir is working on a project called High-density lipoprotein and triglyceride ratio and C-reactive protein as predictors of coronary artery vasculopathy in pediatric heart transplantation.” The goal of the study was to highlight the importance of systemic inflammation in the pathogenesis of CAV. This work was accepted for PAS 2020 and was also published as an abstract in the American Transplant Congress journal.

Zach Barbara is working with Dr. Bill Bortcosh (PICU) on “Creation of Novel Ultrasound Curriculum for Pediatric Residents.” The goal is to teach pediatric residents how to perform ultrasound guided IVs in order to improve patient care by minimizing time to access, repeated painful procedures, decrease utilization of PICU resources, and expanding pediatric procedural competency. 

Kate Portwood is working with Dr. Peter Kang in Child Neurology on a retrospective review of brachial plexus injuries to determine the prognostic abilities of Edx, MRI, and Active Movement Scale to determine need for future surgical intervention. Their team is proposing an MRI severity scale to identify patients who may require surgery.  

Allison Lure has been working on several projects within the Department of Neonatology during her time in residency.  She has been studying neonatal bowel injury, nSOFA scores, and creating a tool to differentiate NEC from SIP pre-operatively. Two of these projects have been written and submitted as manuscripts during her time in residency.  She is involved in a multi-institutional project involving analysis of meconium of term neonates for transcriptomics. She also co-authored two case reports that were presented at various conferences. She is also working with the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology on studying outcomes in children with maternal marijuana use. This project was presented as a poster and is currently being written up as a manuscript.  ‚Äč