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TO: Resident / Fellow Applicant:
FROM: University of Florida College of Medicine
RE: Benefits and Conditions of Appointment

The Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education Institutional Requirement (II.C.) requires that candidates for ACGME-accredited programs (applicants who are invited for an interview) must be informed, in writing or by electronic means, of the terms, conditions, and benefits of appointment, including financial support; vacations; parental, sick, and other leaves of absence; professional liability, hospitalization, health, disability and other insurance provided for the residents and their families; and the conditions under which the Sponsoring Institution provides call rooms, meals, laundry services, or their equivalents are to be provided. Please find below a summary of those items.

Terms and Conditions of Employment

Appointments are renewed annually and continued retention in the training program depends on your satisfactory performance/training progress, including adherence to acceptable professional behavior, as well as the continuation of requisite funding for the program. A resident’s/fellow’s reappointment and progression to more advanced levels will be based on the results of periodic reviews of the resident’s/fellow’s educational and professional achievement, competence, and progress as determined by the program director and teaching faculty.

The primary site of your graduate medical training will be the University of Florida Health Science Center-Gainesville with its major teaching hospitals and affiliates, but the location of the training for any resident may occur at various additional sites. All assignments and call schedules are made at the discretion of the appropriate program director of the University.

Financial Support

The College of Medicine sets the annual stipend for residents at each level. Exceptions to these stipend levels must be approved by the Graduate Medical Education Committee. As a resident/fellow, you automatically will be enrolled in the University of Florida’s FICA Alternative Plan. Under the provisions of this retirement plan, instead of paying 6.2% social security taxes post-tax, you will contribute 7.5% of your pre-tax wages into an investment account in your name. The Medicare contributions at 1.45% will continue to be withheld from your biweekly paychecks and will be matched by the University of Florida Information regarding this program is available at UF Human Resource Services.


Residents/Fellows shall be entitled to leave with pay for the purpose of annual and sick leave depending upon the length of appointment during the training period July 1 through June 30.

If specialty board regulations for annual and sick leave accrual and usage differ from that outlined in this rule, written notification of the board policy shall be completed by the program director and submitted to the Dean for approval. The total maximum time a resident/fellow can be away from a program in any given year or for the duration of the residency program shall be determined by the requirements of the specialty board involved. All absences must be approved by the program director.


A meal subsidy may be provided for residents/fellows on-call for their service.

On-Call Quarters, Laundry

On-Call Quarters are available at all hospitals to which the resident/fellow rotates and each provides access to bathrooms and telephones. As a general rule, living quarters and laundry, are not provided by the institution. Some departmental exceptions to this may exist for residents/fellows who are sent to specific rotations outside of the immediate home area. Departmental policies will govern the provision of living quarters at these sites.


The College of Medicine recognizes the need to provide insurance coverage in a variety of different categories.

Health Insurance

The College of Medicine group health plan provides for both individual and dependent coverage. Premiums are paid by the College of Medicine while co-payments are the responsibility of the individual. For more information including plan options, please visit


If a covered employee or dependent’s medical insurance terminates due to a Qualifying event (employment termination, work hours reduction, divorce/legal separation, Medicare entitlement, and maximum age for child), they may continue their medical insurance under the Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act (C.O.B.R.A.). For additional information, contact Fringe Benefits/Gainesville at (352) 273-5077. The employee pays premiums. It is the member’s responsibility to contact the Fringe Benefits Office for change of family status and change of address.

Life Insurance

Level term group life insurance underwritten by ING/ReliaStar Life Insurance Company provides $50,000 of life insurance for all eligible employees with an additional $10,000 in the event of accidental death and dismemberment.

Disability Insurance

All active full-time College of Medicine residents/fellows working at least 30 hours a week are provided Long Term Disability Insurance. This policy is underwritten by ING/ReliaStar Life Insurance Company. The monthly benefit is equal to 60% of the first $4,166 monthly salary to a maximum monthly benefit of $2,500 reduced by benefit offsets. The benefits as set forth under this policy will begin after the insured’s sixth month of total disability. The maximum benefit period due to sickness and accident is to age 67. A special Individual Guaranteed Issue Conversion Policy is available through Principal Financial. For information pertaining to this special feature, please contact Holloway Financial, Inc. at (352) 377-2078 or 800-330-4628.

Workers’ Compensation

If a resident/fellow suffers a work-related injury, the resident/fellow is generally covered under the worker’s compensation program of the University provided the resident/fellow complies with the requirements of the worker’s compensation program.

Professional Liability Insurance

Pursuant to Section 768.28, Florida Statutes, the University of Florida Board of Trustees is exclusively responsible for any civil claims or actions arising from the acts of its employees and agents. The UF BOT is protected for such liabilities by the J. Hillis Miller Health Center Self-Insurance Program (UF SIP), a self-insurance program managed by a governing council created by the Florida Board of Governors that is chaired by the Sr. Vice President for Health Affairs. As an employee of the University of Florida (UF), you are personally immune from civil liabilities which may arise from acts or omissions committed by you in the course of your employment. UF SIP affords you personal professional liability protection while you act as a Good Samaritan, while you are involved in community service work, which has been pre-approved by your college, or if you are on a job assignment outside of Florida. UF SIP also provides defense costs for certain licensure investigations by the Department of Health. If you have any questions regarding professional liability, please contact the UF SIP Director at (352) 273-7006.

Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)

The University of Florida, under the guidelines of ADA and 504 federal legislation, is required to make reasonable accommodations to the known physical and mental limitations of otherwise qualified individuals with disabilities. For assistance contact the UF ADA Office at 392-7056 or 711 (TDD/TTY).

For additional information visit the College of Medicine Administrative Affairs website.

Any questions regarding this information may be discussed at the time of the interview.