Social Events

To foster camaraderie and close relationships among all levels of physicians, the department hosts many social events throughout the year.


Held at the end of June, orientation serves to welcome the incoming residents. It includes an advanced life support class, introduction to hospital ancillary services, registration, and some fundamentals of first year resident duties. It also involves various social events which allows the new first-year resident class to get acquainted and meet the other residents, fellows, and faculty.

All Resident Retreat

Annually in May the resident of all classes (PL-1, PL-2 and PL-3’s) come together for a day-long retreat held at the beautiful Lake Wauburg ( The classes are assured a page-free day as the hospital is covered by the fellows and attendings. Dr. Nicole Black (Program Director) started this tradition and ensures it continues by taking call overnight in the hospital for the residents so they can all attend!

Intern retreat

Each year the department sponsors a retreat for the interns and their families, usually at a beachfront hotel. The schedule is full of organized events, free time, and meals including a session to allow for discussion of the program’s strengths and weaknesses. Changes in the training program are based on suggestions by the interns at this retreat. Upper level residents and fellows provide coverage of hospital duties so that all interns may attend!

Alumni Weekend

Each Fall, the UF Department of Pediatrics and the Florida Pediatric Alumni Association host a fun-filled and educational weekend for alumni and current faculty, fellows, and residents.  Several family-friendly social events are sprinkled throughout the weekend for all to enjoy, in addition to the scientific and educational programs.

Pediatric Science Days

Each spring residents and fellows can present their research or interesting case reports. The department also sponsors visits from several prominent educators from other universities who speak at Grand Rounds and interact with the residents, fellows and faculty. This stimulates networking and brings in new ideas and approaches to patient care.

Intramural Sports

Every semester there are a number of different team and individual activities for students, faculty, staff and spouses to participate in. If you would like to find out more about intramural sports, please go to the UF Recreational Sports website. Here are some pictures from our flag-football team.

Senior Dinner

This is an annual event where all of the seniors get to come together as a class. The floor teams are covered by the PL-1 and PL-2 residents to allow all the seniors to attend. In addition to having fun together, important topics for their futures are discussed such as board preparation, career development and job opportunities.

Other scheduled events

  • Winter Holiday Party
  • Match Day Party
  • End-of-the-year Party

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