Outside Rotations

Are you a UF Resident and want to do an outside rotation?

  • Discuss your plans with your advisor and program director at UF.
  • Complete the “External Short Term Hospital” form for a single resident.
  • Or complete the “External Rotation Agreement” for multiple residents.
  • Obtain from the Program Director at the external site
    • a description of the goals and objectives of the rotation,
    • a work schedule to include all call dates and
    • an average number of pediatric patients you will be seeing and
    • Approval of the program director/preceptor and the chief executive officer at the external site where you will be completing this rotation.
    This program director/preceptor must agree to evaluate you at the end of your rotation and that evaluation must be sent to your UF program director and included in your personnel file at the end of this rotation.
  • Once you have the above documents, submit the documents to the Pediatric Education office for approval. This office will obtain the approval of the Institutional Graduate Medical Education Office and the UF Contract Office. A completely executed copy is required prior to beginning an outside rotation. This means all signatures, from both institutions, must be executed and a copy in your program director’s possession prior to starting this rotation.
  • If the institution you wish to rotate through replaces our contract with their own institutional contract, the exact same process as above must follow. Their contract with appropriate signatures has to be reviewed and signed by your program director and the Institutional Graduate Medical Education Office and the UF Contract Office.
  • Please refer to the ACGME website for requirements on outside rotations.