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Continuity Clinic Curriculum

The Continuity Clinic Curriculum is designed to encourage discussion on selected primary care pediatric topics during continuity clinic.  Each talk should be about 15-20 minutes and are prepared by residents rotating on the Acute/PAH rotation.  Please see schedule and attached presentations below.

Puberty/Tanner Staging
June 8-19 | Speaker: Price Ward

Atopic Dermatitis
May 25-June 5 | Speaker: Matt Pertzborn

Red Eye
May 11-22 | Speaker: Priya Tanna

April 27-May 8 | Speaker: Brian Stover

Car seats
April 3-24 | Speaker: Safia Ilyas

Primary Care of the Preterm Infant
March 30-April 10 | Speaker: Karen Hussein

March 16-27 | Speaker: Onyeka Osakwe

March 2-13 | Speaker: Faris Hashim

February 16-27 | Speaker: Rebekah Soto

February 2-13 | Speaker: A Thambundit

Pediatric Dermatology
January 19-30 | Speaker: Erin Garrigan

Breastfeeding and Vitamin D Supplementation
January 5-16 | Speaker: Trang Bui

Urinary Tract Infection
December 8-19 | Speaker: Michelle Spencer

Newborn Screening
November 10-21 | Speaker: Ranjit Shenoy

Brush, Book, Bed
October 27 – November 7 | Please Complete Training

Smoking Cessation
October 13-24 | Speaker: Karen Martinez

Dysfunctional Uterine Bleeding
September 29-October 10 | Speaker: Meera Srikanthan

September 15-26 | Speaker: Cecile Besingi