Community Access to Child Health (CATCH) Grant Awarded

  • 2013 – Michelle Spencer (Mentor, Vini Vijayan, M.D.): Operation Superbugs! Combating Antibiotic Resistance
  • 2013 – Diana Montoya-Fontalvo, M.D. (Mentor, Vini Vijayan, M.D.): Cocooning in High School
  • 2013 – Olivia Potter, D.O. (Mentor, Stephanie Ryan, M.D.): Gainesville LGBTQ Youth Group
  • 2013 – Nasim Moshtagh, M.D. (Bahareh Keith, M.D.): Staying Ahead of Asthma
  • 2012 – Christian Kegg, D.O.: Peer to Peer Breastfeeding Support Group
  • 2010 – Alexandra Butler, M.D. (Mentor, Patricia Shearer, M.D.): Young Adult Cancer Survivors in Transition
  • 2010 – Virginia Kockler, M.D. (Mentor, Maureen Novak, M.D.): Smoking Cessation Resources for Mothers of Newborns

Breastfeeding Promotion

  • Dr. Sandra Sullivan has a CPTI Obesity Prevention Residency Training grant at UF-Gainesville: Preventing Obesity through Breastfeeding Promotion

CMN (Children’s Miracle Network) Grants

  • Elizabeth Griffin, M.D. (Mentor, Michele Lossius, M.D.): Implementation and Evaluation of the Effect of Physician Trading Cards on Patients’ Ability to Identify the Names and Roles of Their Physicians
  • Andrew Galligan, M.D. (Mentor, Michele Lossius, M.D.): Hospital Orientation for Patients/Parents/ Shands Children’s Hospital Video Project