Duty Hours


  • Daily
    • Day Team residents will cover from 6am to 6pm
    • Night float will cover from 6pm to 6am
    • Interns and Senior Residents will have two weekends off throughout the month


  • This is based on a rotating 24 hour shift every 4th night.  Shifts are from 6am to 6pm for those not on call that day.


  • Residents will work 3 weeks of day shifts from 6am to 6pm and one week of night shifts from 6pm to 6am.

ED and Admitting Resident Rotation

  • ED Shifts are either 10 or 12 hours in length and are either 7am to 7pm or 7pm to 7am. ED shifts are 7 days a week.
  • Each resident has a minimum of 10 hours between shifts.
  • Most residents will complete 14-15 ED shifts over the 4 week rotation.

Acute Clinic and Pediatric After Hours

  • Acute Clinic Shifts are 8am to Noon and/or 1pm to 5pm.
  • Pediatric After Hours shifts are 6pm to 10pm Monday to Friday, 2pm to 10pm on Saturday and 10am to 9pm on Sunday.
  • Residents will have a minimum of 10 hours off between shifts.
  • Most residents will complete about 20 acute clinic shifts and 16 Pediatric After Hours Shifts

Elective rotations

  • If a resident is called in overnight, time spent in house will be recorded in the work hours log
  • If significant time is spent in house overnight, the resident will be given the next day off

Back-up Call

  • Residents will be on backup call during their elective/outpatient months
  • If a resident is called in for overnight coverage, he/she will be given the next day off

Work hours

  • New Innovations is used for logging work hours
  • If records are not logged by the end of the week, the resident(s) will be personally contacted
  • If work hours are violated the resident will be contact by the Chief Resident


  • Currently moonlighting opportunities include weekend shifts in the Pediatric After Hours clinic
  • Any outside moonlighting opportunities must be reviewed individually by the residency program director