Extramural Employment

This policy is developed to assure compliance with the regulations of the ACGME requiring that institutions sponsoring residency programs monitor the overall workload of their postgraduate physicians (residents PL1-PL6) and recent policies instituted by the GMEC of Shands Hospital and the University Of Florida College Of Medicine. Monitoring duty hours will be done by each program/subspecialty. PL1 Residentsor any Residents PL1-6 sponsored on J1 visas are not allowed to participate in extramural employment.

The programmatic extramural employment sponsored by the Department of Pediatrics includes the following:

  • Pediatric After Hours Program on the weekends, PL 2-6 residents only.
  • Neonatal Transport Team – Shands Hospital PL 4-6 Neonatology fellows only.
  • Ward Weekend and Tuesday admitting  Moonlighting – Shands Hospital Pl 2-6
  • Pediatric Emergency Department Observation Shifts available for PL2-6

All extramural will be reported directly to the Chief Residents by 10:00 am Tuesday of each week. For purpose of remuneration, this should include social security numbers, dates, and hours worked and rate of pay. The Chief Residents are responsible to submit all programmatic to Pediatric Payroll (This will include everything worked thru the Monday night previous.) Pediatric Payroll will include these hours in the following pay period reported to UF.

The only non-programmatic extramural activity available to Pediatric Residents and Fellows would be locum tenens engaged in while on annual leave. Residents may engage in this type of extramural activity as long as they do not violate the Florida Practice Act.

Residents must submit a completed non-programmatic outside employment form for approval by the Residency Program Director and the Dean of the College of Medicine. This approval may be secured by contacting the Pediatric Education Office.

Professional liability insurance must be obtained by the resident for such non-programmatic activity. The resident will not be protected from liability claims for outside employment by JHMHC Insurance Trust Fund for non-programmatic extramural activity.

Approval to participate in extramural employment activities will be contingent on excellent performance in the residency program. Approval will not be granted, or prior approval may be retracted, for any resident who, in the opinion of the faculty and Program Director, is experiencing any academic difficulty.

All other forms of extramural employment are explicitly prohibited. Failure to comply with this policy may result in immediate termination from the residency program.

An annual report of programmatic and non-programmatic activity for the Department of Pediatrics will be submitted by the Education Office to appropriate institutional official.

All extramural employment must be done within the ACGME work rule guidelines.