Members of the housestaff shall be entitled to leave with pay for the purpose of annual and sick leave depending upon the length of appointment during the training period July 1 through June 30, as described in this section. Leave will be granted and charged in one-day increments for each workday of leave requested and approved. If specialty board regulations for annual and sick leave accrual and usage differ from that outlined in this rule, written notification of the board policy shall be completed by the program director and submitted to the Dean for approval. The total maximum time a housestaff member can be away from a program in any given year or for the duration of the residency program shall be determined by the requirements of the specialty board involved. All absences must be approved by the program director. Each program will have a policy that addresses the effect of leave on promotion and length of training. If excessive time is taken, the resident may be required to extend his/her training to fulfill Board requirements.

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