Quality Improvement Training

Background and Rationale

ACGME Common Program Requirements place emphasis on medical doctors receiving sufficient training in areas related to practice-based learning and improvement as well as systems-based practice. Specifically, it is now expected that residents actively participate in interdisciplinary clinical quality improvement and patient safety programs (V1.A.3 in ACGME Common Program Requirements).  Achieving this expectation requires an organized and collective approach to:

  • Ensure appropriate background knowledge on QI and QI principles
  • Increase availability and awareness of opportunities for participation in clinical quality improvement
  • Provide an organized and structured practical experience that can assure competency of basic principles related to QI in relation to ACGME Practice Based Learning and Improvement (PBLI) and Systems Based Practice (SBP) competencies.

Competency and Licensure Objectives

Medical Knowledge

  • Demonstrate an investigatory and analytic thinking approach to clinical situations.


  • Analyze practice experience and perform practice based improvement activities using a systemic methodology.


  • Understand how your patient care and other professional practices affect other health care professionals, the health care organization and the larger society and how these elements of the system affect their own practice.

American Board of Pediatrics

  • Starting in 2010, the American Board of Pediatrics requires evidence of quality improvement as part of the maintenance of certification process.

Specific ACGME Pediatric Milestones

  • Advocate for quality patient care and optimal patient care systems
  • Participating in identifying system errors and implementing potential system solutions
  • Know how to advocate for the promotion of health and the prevention of disease and injury in populations
  • Work in inter-professional teams to enhance patient safety and improve patient care quality
  • View the ACGME Program Requirements for Graduate Medical Education in Pediatrics