Past Projects

Outpatient Clinic

  • Decreasing time to developmental pediatrics consultation
  • Vaping counciling
  • Guideline for AOM and PE tube referral
  • Spanish questionnaire: TB and lead poisoning
  • Nutritional counseling and nutritional supplements
  • Car seat education and use
  • Screening for post-partum depression*
  • Sports physical screening
  • Translation services
  • STD education
  • Instituting use of BMI calculator
  • Smoking cessation
  • Asthma: effective instruction for medication usage
  • Injury prevention
  • Postcard reminder system: flu shots and Synagis
  • Consistent STD, HPV, and pap smear screening policies
  • Standardized ADHD follow-up visits
  • Counseling on sun protection
  • Screening tool for sleep issues during the well-child visit
  • Fire arm safety and gun lock distribution during the well-child visit
  • Improving provider and parental education of cold and cough therapy in children and infants
  • Screening tool for autism at the 18 month and 24 month well-child visit
  • UF Outpatient Pediatric Clinic Informational On-hold Message
  • Positive Developmental Screening:  Where do we go from there?
  • Improving the compliance rate of Developmental screening using ASQ at the 18 month well child visit by implementation of Electronic Medical Records at CMS
  • TV/Internet Usage Evaluation during the well child check
  • Modified Guidelines in the Outpatient management of Cardiomyopathy at the Congenital Heart Center Clinic

Newborn Nursery

  • SIDS education
  • Discharge education brochure:  “Head to toe Newborn/Infant survival guide”
  • “Babies don’t come with instructions: A parent’s guide to their newborn”
  • Discharge instruction form (English and Spanish versions)
  • Chorioamnionitis/Suspect Sepsis order set
  • Newborn Nursery admission order revision and improving use of the hypoglycemia algorithm
  • Newborn nursery follow-up physician list
  • Newborn Nursery Physician Worksheet
  • Preventing Smoking in Mothers of Newborns
  • Hyperbilirubinemia Protocol for the Shands UF Newborn Nursery


  • Standardized guidelines and forms (AGH ED):   fever less than 90 days, fever in the immunocompromised patient, shortness of breath, general pediatric illness
  • Improving documentation in the AGH ED through use of a Pediatric Shortness of Breath standardized form
  • Standardized guidelines and forms (UF ED):  appropriate antibiotic therapy of STI’s, sexual assault, asthma, 1st afebrile/unprovoked seizure
  • Improvement in PAH handout
  • Utilizing Poseidon to fax electronic ER charts to the PCPs’ offices
  • PAH phone call computer entry system


  • Increased HEADSS exam documentation in hem/onc patients
  • Improving resident handoff
  • Order sets: community acquired pneumonia, cellulitis, asthma, ALTE, croup, bronchiolitis, failure to thrive, bowel disimpaction/GI cleanout
  • Respiratory flow sheet revision
  • Decreasing medication errors related to incorrect weight entry
  • Revision of code blue documentation sheet
  • Creating and modeling safe sleep environments for hospitalized infants and children
  • Pancreatic Insufficiency in CF Population- Treatment and Care
  • Admission Order Set for Patients with Fever and Neutropenia
  • Physician Trading Card Project
  • Pediatric Blood Draw Optimization with Causal/Cost Analysis
  • Children’s Hospital Video Orientation


  • Management algorithms for use by outside facilities for common newborn diagnoses transported to Shands
  • NICU quick reference guide
  • NICU-specific discharge instruction sheet
  • Sedation and analgesia protocol in mechanically ventilated patients in the PICU
  • New standardized progress note for the PICU


  • Intern survival guide
  • Reducing Unnecessary Paging During Residents’ Protected Time