Project Presentation

Formal Presentation of Your Project

Option One: Platform Presentation

(During noon conference)

  • Utilize the PowerPoint template
  • State the problem that you identified in our system
  • List the objectives of your project
  • Briefly describe your project
  • Discuss the markers by which you assessed your project
  • Discuss your outcomes
  • Keep your presentations to 10 minutes (15 minutes max with

A reminder…this is not the time to just give a lecture on a medical issue.  For instance, a resident created an order set for community acquired pneumonia.  She discussed some of the details of the antibiotics, VS, parameters, etc…  however, the meat of her discussion centered around why she created this order set and what she achieved by implementing this in practice.

Option Two: Poster Presentation

(one noon conference in June will be set aside for poster presentations, as well as an expectation of submitting your poster to be presented at another venue)

  • A template for a poster can be provided upon request
  • Speak to Drs. Butler and E. Black about where to print (the architectural lab printing only costs $8!)
  • Please remember if you plan to present your project and findings at a meeting outside of the residency (e.g., PAS) then you need to seek IRB approval first.  Again, Drs. Butler and E. Black can help with this.