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Sarah M Marsicek

Sarah M Marsicek MD

Assistant Professor
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QI Project Development (Worksheet #1)

Estimated time required: 2 hrs

The resident will identify a QI project and declare the resources and support for studying the quality issue.

  • Complete worksheet # 1, and meet briefly with either Dr. Butler or Dr. E. Black to complete the following tasks:
    • Identify a mentor (good mentors are usually continuity clinic supervisor, an advisor, or a sub-specialist within the field of study)
    • Define key quality characteristic and plan for measuring
    • Identify team (inter-professional teams encouraged)

QI Planning and Data Collection (Worksheets #2-4)

Estimated time required: 10-15 hrs

  • Create a flowchart of process impacting key quality indicator
  • Conduct a background literature review related to key quality characteristic
  • Create a cause-effect (fishbone) diagram outlining the relationship of key quality characteristic to key drivers
  • If applicable and constructive to the development of the QI project, the resident may also complete these additional tasks during this phase of the project
    • Submit an IRB  related to the QI project if it is expected that findings may be presented externally
    • Conduct a drill-down of events related to the key quality characteristic

It is recommended that the resident meet with the team at least twice during this phase

Deciding on the Key Process Variable and Intervention Design (Worksheet #5)

Estimated time required: 1 hr

  • Decide on the key process variable intended to be changed
  • Identify a plan for measuring the key process variable during the pre-implementation and post-implementation phases of the project
  • Create a SMART aims statement
  • Decide on the intervention and timeline for data collection and implementation

Data Collection and Implementation

Estimated time required: variable. Should occur over several months.

  • Collect pre-implementation data
  • Coordinate the implementation of the intervention
  • Collect post-implementation data

Data Analysis and Conclusions (Worksheet #6)

Estimated time needed: 5 hrs

  • Analyze data using appropriate statistical techniques and draw conclusions on the effectiveness of the intervention as well as recommend future directions Dr. E. Black has expertise in statistical analysis and is available to help answer questions and guide you through this step as needed
  • Summarize project in presentation or poster format to be presented to the residency program (more information below)