Individual Case Advocacy

Identify a need of a continuity clinic patient/family and provide individual advocacy efforts on behalf of the patient/family. These advocacy efforts may include phone calls, letter writing, or the provision of information on health or community resources.


  1. Learn to identify a need in a patient or family and to identify the barriers that the family may face.
  2. Demonstrate effective communication skills with the family and with community partners.
  3. Identify resources to help your patient/family and to broaden your base of support.


  1. Identify a family and a need.
  2. Ensure that the family also perceives this need and is open to your help. Have a discussion with the family about the steps you plan on taking on their behalf and their role in the process.
  3. Discuss the case with your continuity clinic attending
  4. Advocate for your patient/family. This may include needing to learn about community organizations and partners, establishing relationships with these partners, and possibly attending meetings or visiting the organizations.

Enabling Activities

  • Help a family complete the extensive packet for the neurodevelopmental clinic. If possible attend their appointment with them.
  • Help a family complete the FDLRS packet (that they mail to them). Follow up directly with FDLRS and guide the family through the next steps. If possible attend their evaluation.
  • Help a family through the IEP process at school. Initially, this will include writing a letter. If at all possible attend their IEP meeting.
  • Help a family of a special needs child in obtaining necessary equipment. This may require letter writing and follow up phone calls.
  • Help connect a family to community resources such as getting the child enrolled in the food4kids backpack program or connecting them to the food bank. I would encourage the resident to go to the food bank with the family.
  • Helping connect a family to community mental health resources. Communicating directly with the therapist to help the transition of care regarding mental health.

As you can see, you are already doing many of these things in your regular clinic. We ask that you chose a family to do it more in-depth with. You will be expected to turn in a reflection writing about your experience. You are expected to complete this assignment during your intern year.