1. Residents will identify community organizations and demonstrate that they are able to partner with community organizations to meet patients needs.
  2. Residents will be able to describe the impact that social and economic factors can have on students’ ability to attend, process information, and learn.
  3. Residents will demonstrate the ability to work effectively with cultures other than their own.
  4. Residents will describe the advantages of working on an interdisciplinary team.
  5. Residents will participate in health-career recruitment activities designed to reduce disparities in health careers and health outcomes.
  6. Residents will identify community resources and refer school personnel/students/families to these as indicated.
  7. Residents will serve as a resource to the school’s students, parents, teachers, and staff.
  8. Residents will demonstrate the ability to advocate for school needs with local community groups, parents, county administrators, school board members and legislators.
  9. Residents will be able to discuss/describe the relationship between education and health.